Serious About Mountain Biking

Best Mountain Bike multi tool with chain breaker tool

Discover why the All In Multitool is the best mountain bike multi tool on the market: a little bit of history, from the beginning to the V2 with the bike chain tool included.

German Design Award Winners 2018

Multi tool for mountain bikes that hides itself in the crankset of the bicycle. Its neodymium super magnets lock it firmly and offers safety and reliability.

Who is Sam Hill?

Sam Hill is the 2017 winner of the Enduro World Series in Finale Ligure. He took 3rd place in the final round, which was enough to secure him his first Enduro World Championship.

All Bicycles Infographic: The complete map of bikes

Have a look at this great infographic of all kind of bicycles in the market right now... Where does your bike fit in with this chart? Does the All In Multitool fit? Enjoy!

Enduro World Series - All You Need to Know About it

Enduro World Series (EWS) is a stage-race format designed for mountain bike riders. Originating from France in 2003, the format is based on motorbike enduro. Enduro is its most basic definition is a type of mountain bike racing where downhills are time and uphills are not.

Enduro Mountain Biking - An Introduction for Newbies

Why Enduro Mountain Biking is Ideal for Newbies Even though it does require some skill and physical fitness to complete the course, Enduro Mountain Biking is an approachable cycling discipline for starters. Here are a few reasons to prove it.
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