What is it?

It's the most revolutionary Multitool ever! Designed, prototyped and handcrafted in Italy, it fits perfectly in the crank hollow (this is the R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N!) and you'll never forget it again. 6 customizable bits are all you need.

Are you sure it's safely locked inside the axle?

Of course, 7 high resistance neodymium magnets lock it into the axel... World class series tried and tested!

Which bits are included?

The All In Multitool includes 4 Allen keys, from size 3 to 6mm, a T25 Torx and a #1 Phillips screw bit. If you wish, you can also customize it, all the bits are available at any hardware store.

What about the chain breaker tool?

Yes! Finally it's there! Check it out our All In Multitool V2!

What is its weight?

80g without bits, 115g including bits.

Is it suitable for my bike?

If your bike crank axle hole diameter is at least 21mm and made of steel, then yes it is!

Can I trust you?

Buy it! If your bike axle is more than 21mm diameter and the All In Multitool doesn't fit, just send it back to us! We'll give you your money back! Guaranteed.

What colours are available?

Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Red and Black, but... if you wish the V2 (with the chain removal tool) it's only Black!

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