Best Mountain Bike multi tool with chain breaker tool

Best Mountain Bike Multi tool – A guide to the All In Multitool

All In Multitool

Although mountain biking is a very fulfilling leisure activity, to get the most out of your riding excursions, you have to take care of your mountain bike.

Whether you ride for fitness or fancy commuting off or on road, you know that at one or another, the bike is going to break down. Having a chain break a couple of miles into the woods is not an out of the realm possibility, it does happen.

And when it finally happens, best mountain bike multi tool like the All In Multitool allows you to make repairs and adjustments easily and quickly can be a lifesaver. 

Made of a high resistance steel and coated with nickel, 100 percent handcrafted and designed in Italy, the tool features 6 different customizable tool bits and a convenient storage for a swift link for the chain. The real magic is that you can store it in your crank axle, for the very first time in mountain bike history.

This technically means it is always on your bike without even having to worry or think about it. Actually, it follows the modern trend of system integration, which stores all important gear on the bike itself.

Bike Chain Breaker Tool included – This is the All In Multitool V2

Moreover, since July 2018, included on board in the V2 release, the All In Multitool has also a very reliable bike chain breaker tool.

Now, despite its miniature size, this 2018 best mountain bike multi tool features a wide array of handy tools ideal for handling most on the trail fixes. What’s more, it’s not just mountain bikers that the tool can be useful to. If you are a road biker who likes taking long trips, you can also run into scenario where your bike needs an emergency repair as well and the last thing you want to do is walk home (please ask for compatibility with your road bike crankset!).

This model will not only get the job done with precision, but done well too.       

Best Mountain Bike Multi Tool with Chain Breaker Tool, a short history

We have all been through this, after a fall or while riding you notice the stem is not aligned or there is a loose bolt. And when you reach for your multi-tool, you realize it is not there because like most bikers you have several backpacks or you don’t even use one on your after work ride which makes it easy to forget essential gear like multi-tools at home. So to address such issues, our inventor and CTO Giacomo Macoratti developed a very innovative tool, the All In Multitool. From the first sketch to the initial 3D printed prototype, the Italian teacher recounts the 24 months process of pain staking refinement and continual testing until he was ultimately satisfied that the device delivered a gratifying performance! He also admits that though he originally conceived the whole idea for personal use, the overwhelming positive responsive to the early prototypes he got from his relatives and friends prompted him to keep refining the product. Eventually, during the expo of the Enduro World Series 2016 in Finale Ligure he launched the model, where all the pre-production tools sold out.  Since then the model has undergone major upgrades making it easy to remove it from the hollow axle cranks thanks to a new edge in the cap and finally adding the chain breaker tool, the most requested feature by his customers. The body has also undergone treatment to significantly minimize the risk of rusting. It features magnetized slots for 6 included bits (3, 4, 5, 6 mm hex keys, a Philips head screwdriver, a Torx T25). The bits are of made of best anti-rust quality steel and it’s easy to customize them to what your two-wheeler requires. They are indeed similar to those found in most hardware stores. They are treated which means they won’t rust even in wet weather inside the unsealed crankset tube. It also comes with a mast chain link that fits most 9, 10, 11 and now also the 12-speed Eagle links.  The piece can fit inside most crank axles with a 21mm diameter or above. However, the force of attraction usually depends on the design of the crankset as well as how much aluminum is between the steel axle and the tool.

In the middle of 2018, Giacomo Macoratti closes the All In Multitool V2 project, releasing the new model with the chain breaker tool included. It has the same weight of the previous model, 115 grams and, most remarkable, the same price! 

The new bike chain breaker feature available on the V2 model makes it very easy to open the chain in emergency situations. Featuring a powerful push action, the chain tool can easily push away any pin even the most stubborn ones. The strong and conveniently shaped handle allows it to withstand vast uses as a one-stop chain tool for most bikes. What’s more, it is very easy to use that even novices in the biking game will find it very user-friendly. And unlike cheaper models, it has great pin alignment making it very comfortable to use. All you have to do is remove the round handle, insert the 4mm hex bit; open the chain pin and you will be good to go. It works exactly like any other high end bike chain tool if not better. It gets the job done flawlessly.


Mountain Bike Multi Tool features

Best mountain bike multitool needs to be versatile, durable, strong, and easy to store and travel with. The model must keep wheels turning whether on or off road at all times. Everybody want a model that packs a lot of tools in a package that is not only lightweight but easy to store too. Moreover, nobody want a multi tool that is too heavy holding back or down from enjoying the ride. This All in Multitool offers exactly that! Actually, when it comes to function and feel, the model is one of the best tools available for cyclists. When you use it as a straight screw driver, it is easy and comfortable to quickly loosen or tighten bolts. This is especially dazzling when disassembling and assembling your bike. The hinged driver on the other hand, is rotatable 90 degrees which makes it easy to access even hard to reach typical bolts. You can also use it for awkward bolts and workarounds. Its textured end piece makes it easy to grip while the slightly heavy and round design feels nice in hand.     

 Just like a Swiss Army Knife, best mountain bike multi tool should be able to help dealing with any break down or maintenance issues that might be encountered while out riding or just as a do it all tool home workshop tool. It should be practical enough to allow use of all its features and not have “empty” or impractical features. A well thought out tool should be comfortable and durable. And the All In Multitool offers more than that! So if you are looking for the best mountain bike multi tool with the bike chain breaker tool on it, this is the guy. Its most notable feature is its easy to access and store design. It simply slides into the crank tube of the bike and can be retrieved very easily.  Also, unlike most regular multi tools where you have to remember to drop them in your pocket or strap them to the bike every time you go out for a ride so as to make sure they are with you when you need them, with the All In Multitool you don’t have to remember anything! Instead of storing it in a pouch roll or bag it is designed to be stored conveniently on the bike, ensuring you will never forget it. Additionally, you do not need to install any kind of mount on your bike to stash it. It has a home inside your bike’s hollow crank making it part of your bicycle. It is designed to fit on most hollow cranks, which means if you have a normal sized bike, it should fit perfectly. The seven neodymium super magnets on its cap secure it to the surface firmly so there is a very minimal chance of it falling off even through rough rides. If you like a comfortable, lightweight and centrally located bit driver with the bike chain tool included, you will definitely appreciate our All In Multitool (Have a look at our best mountain bike multi tool reviews)...

Have fun and enjoy your ride!

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